In-Person Programs

Method: In-Person Programs

In-Person Programs include any program in which an individual from a museum brings museum education outside of the traditional museum setting. These types of programs most commonly happen in schools, libraries, or other cultural institutions. The goal of in-person programming is to bring the museum’s collections and resources out into the community, stimulating experiences that involve personal discovery and critical thinking. In-person programs physically bring the museum to you.

Who is the Audience?

The intended audiences of in-person programs include teachers, facilitators, and students of formal and informal educational environments of any age. In-person programs are typically marketed to schools, but they can often be adapted for almost any age group or setting.

Case Study: At Your School, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The At Your School program at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is an in-person program opportunity that can reach schools in three different ways, through assemblies, classes, or labs, with program content covering a choice of six subjects: earth science, health science, human culture, life science, physical science and space science.

Assemblies allow large groups of students, grades K – 8, to engage in the same topic at the same time by interacting with presenters in fun-filled educational activities. Classes are designed for grades PreK – 8, and include a 45-minute classes led by professional museum educators that engage students with a specific science topic using hands-on, inquiry-based approaches. Labs are a more in-depth experience for grades 3- 8, which includes an inquiry-based program that allows hands-on experiences for small groups of students.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science does an excellent job providing schools with several options and opportunities to bring the museum into the school. While I would personally like to see in-person programs for high school students as well, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is on the right track by offering distance learning programs that include the human element, instead of just a technological connection. For more information, click on the link below:

Museums that offer In-Person Programs:


3 thoughts on “In-Person Programs

  1. Thanks for sharing
    I think this is such a great way to experience and enjoy museums, and I’m glad so many of these type of programs take place.
    ( I only wish there were more of these when I was growing up and had to listen to my mother speak)
    The Denver museum case is a great addition and I feel that this is something I can relate too.


  2. The Denver Program sounds like a really engaging program and does more than your traditional “trunk”program. I like that for distance education you are adding in the museum coming to other sites and not just focus on online learning. It give more perpective and diversity to your discussion on distance learning. It is nice to focus on one program but to also give the links to other programs for those that are interested in this topic and type of program.


  3. Having done in-person programs in school, it is a rewarding experience. On a classroom management note, the museum educator needs to set firm boundaries. In some states, like Virginia, a classroom guest cannot be left alone in a classroom without a teacher present. Sometimes the teachers tried to take advantage of our presence, but we were there to present Richmond history!


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