The Pursuit of APPiness- The National Mall

This is my new go-to app for DC tourists. Whether you are from out of town and just visiting the area, or a local who wants to take an afternoon for some cultural enrichment, this app provides practical and interesting information. Don’t get me wrong, this app is not flashy, not particularly interactive, and relatively text heavy. However, I think the centralized information about the history and significance of each memorial on the National Mall, along with the various options for self-guided tours, make this app extremely worth it. Plus, it’s free! So might as well give it a shot.


I think some of the best aspects of this app are the wayfinding instructions and maps. The app provides five unique tours to follow, as well as the option to select your own sites and the app generates your best route. There is also a full list of all the sites, just in case you stumble upon an unexpected site and want to look up some information about it. In general, the app seems geared towards tourists, but options like the “Off the Beaten Path Tour” are great for people familiar with the area as well. The only issue might be learning about the app in the first place. There is a whole page advertising the app on the National Park Service website about the National Mall, but I think it could benefit from some additional advertising around the sites themselves.

image (1)photo (2)

The most unexpected feature of the app is the “Park Lens” camera. To use it, you simply hold up your phone to your surroundings and the app superimposes labels of the nearby sites and museums, as well as their relative locations and distances to your location. The lens took awhile to load, but I can see how this could be pretty helpful to a tourist who is trying to get their bearings.

image (2)

Overall, the in-depth history about the different memorials and monuments add value to a self-guided tour, while the Parking, Transportation, and Hours information provide practical and necessary preparation for your trip. So, while the National Mall and Memorial Parks app is not necessarily on the cutting edge of interactivity and generating unique content, it is undoubtedly useful for tourists who are trying to find their way and learn some of the basics about “DC’s front yard”.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.13.56 PM


4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of APPiness- The National Mall

  1. I downloaded this app a while ago and promptly forgot about it. I will have to start using it more now that I know all its great features. I do regularly use the NPS Passport app, which allows you to log the National Parks you have visited, find National Park sites nearby or in a given region, and provides historical information, directions, and pictures for all the sites. NPS gets it right in the app department!


  2. A little disappointed that they have so many options but not a Three-Hour Tour (A Three-Hour Touuuur)

    Really though, I had no idea they had an augmented reality option! Definitely need to check this out!


  3. I’ve used this app, and I think it’s great! They do a wonderful job of providing useful and relevant information in an easy to navigate format. Kudos the the NPS on this one, for sure!


  4. I’m glad that the NPS devotes a whole page to advertising this app, but I agree with you that each site should also promote the app. That would hopefully increase the visibility of the product. I think it would be beneficial, especially with the amount of sites here in DC! I’ll have to try it out.


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