The Pursuit of Appiness- USHMM


This app reflects the museum in many ways: well thought out, eye catching design, and a space for reflection and discussion. This app works well as a stand alone (if you cannot make it to the museum), as a pre-visit planner, or as a post-visit reflection and connection device.

No matter what type of device you have, there is a version out there for you.

From the Home Page you have three options- Plan Your Visit, Witness, and Reflect. Each section offers something different, but complimentary.


Plan Your Visit:

Under this section you can choose the date that you are planning to visit. Every exhibit that will be open is listed and includes how long it takes to walk through and a brief description; If you tap on the exhibit you are interested in, a photo is included. From this point, you can also link right into the exhibit and look at a few objects or labels.

One really nice feature it that you can add the exhibit you are interested in to the “My Visit” section and build a plan for your whole trip based on how long you want to spend there.

There is also a map you can zoom into, as needed.



This section allows you to interact with ID Cards. A brief explanation tells the user that the ID cards allow you to be a “witness to one person’s experience of the Holocaust.” You can choose a card that reflects you (like age, gender), by name, or have one randomly chosen for you. You can choose as many as you like and share them. While the museum does offer a paper version of this while going through the exhibit, this app version is a bit more individualized and at your finger tips.



Want a way to think about your visit? This is the section will provides photos and descriptions of the actual exhibits. Each photo has a caption and a way to share it with others. You can revisit each exhibit and look at a few objects from each. The whole collection, however, is not available on this app.

IMG_3717     IMG_3718

While the user cannot generate any new material or see all parts of the museum collection, this is a very user friendly and helpful app to have.  The fact that you can share with friends and family through various forms of social media is a great options. It allows the app user to share and discuss different themes and objects from the museum.

Overall, I would give this app a 4 and would highly recommend it!


One thought on “The Pursuit of Appiness- USHMM

  1. I played around with this app today and though it was really well done. It has a nice “video quality,” not just a app with useful information but has images and things that move that really draw you in. The geneological connection that takes place by clicking on one person and hearing his story and then at the end seeing who he is connected to and the information the museum has about them says a lot about their record keeping. It also says a lot about the fervent documenting of a people, lest we forget what happened to them. I loved the convenience of them being able to email, post on facebook or tweet the information. One can also create their own database which is wonderful too. I also like the picture icons that either take you to the menu, home, to the map or to the id cards. They made it so fool proof, and there is definitely examples of multiple intelligences taken into consideration in how the app is formated. If I like icons, I can look at something one way, or if I like lists I can look at something another way. I really appreciate getting to view this new technology and definitely plan to use it when planning future visits.


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