Teens and History Together

Junior historians cut the ribbon to re-open an exhibit they worked on

Junior historians cut the ribbon to re-open an exhibit they worked on

Community Engagement Example 5: Dallas Heritage Village’s Junior Historians Program: A program which has youth become curators and educators for this historic village. 

When you talk about teens and history, people usually think you are talking about two things that do not go together. A historic village in Dallas is out to prove this wrong through their Junior Historian Program.

This program brings together teens from 11-18 for a week of training and afterwards they can either work together on a project, become guides or help out during special events. The project in the past has reinterpreted a doctor office and hotel that are part of the village. They did the research, set up the exhibit, created labels and were docents for these areas. They also created online content about the hotel including audio and video clips.  The teens gain valuable skills and the village now has two areas that are reinterpreted. This is shows that collaboration and sharing power has a positive affect on both parties.

Check it out here: http://www.dallasheritagevillage.org/JuniorHistorians.aspx or here: http://dhvblog.org/tag/junior-historians/

The basics of Community Engagement met through this project: community ownership, relationship building/partnership, collaboration and sharing power.


One thought on “Teens and History Together

  1. Thank you for sharing.
    I think this program is great not only for the museum world but also a fantastic way to develop self confidence in teens, while developing their team work skills, and leadership skills.
    By standing intron of people and speaking at such a young age they will gain self confidence and no matter what they choose to do in their life, its a great atribute to hold.
    In addition I think this is great to the museum world as teens will be able to see that the museums can be used by many different people from different backgrounds, and can be interesting to everyone no matter how old or young you might be.


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