Yollocalli Arts Reach

Community Engagement Example #2: Yollocalli Arts Reach: An arts and youth development program, part of the National Museum of Mexican Art

Yollocalli Teens

Yollocalli Teens and Artists

Check it out, here: http://yollocalli.org/

Yollocalli is home to innovative programs developed by contemporary artists for young artists in Chicago. Built on a philosophy of respecting youth participants’ voices as creative makers and community change-makers, Yollocalli offers a dynamic slate of classes, artist residencies, and youth leadership opportunities. With a focus on serving youth, Yollocalli’s programs also work to serve local artists with paid teaching opportunities, as well as bringing the arts to various communities across Chicago with over 30 youth-created murals to date. By involving youth in the program development process, Yollocalli has remained a relevant and vibrant part of the Chicago creative community since 1997 with program alumni continuing to stay involved in the organization.

Important to note is that Yollocalli is part of a larger museum, the National Museum of Mexican Art. While it could stand alone as a scrappy youth arts organization, its role in a museum serves as an example for other museums about how to create long-lasting, sincere investments in their communities.

The basics of Community Engagement met through this project: community ownership/sharing power, use of geographic/neighborhood space, relationship building and partnership, and multiple audiences.


One thought on “Yollocalli Arts Reach

  1. What an interesting example! It is nice to see a program that brings the museum and the community together to invest in one another. I agree that this is an excellent example for other museums. I will have to remember this program next time I am in the city.


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